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The Soleco Optimizer considers the weather forecast as well as different electricity tariffs and optimizes the interaction of solar power, grid power and consumers. 

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We offer reliable products, software, hardware and the necessary services that our customers can use easily and efficiently. In the process, they save energy and costs.

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Soleco Optimizer:




With state-of-the-art technology, Soleco Optimizer solves these tasks reliably and cost-effectively for you in the background.

Why Soleco?

We do everything to ensure that these needs are met in your home all year round, optimally and carefree.

Forward-looking solution with leading algorithm of control in collaboration with scientific partners.

Cost-effective support through remote maintenance.

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Register there for a demo account. This will give you insight to the entire system of a real, inhabited single-family house, including the optimization processes.

No matter what comes, the Soleco optimizer has a plan


Rather than a buzzword, “Predictive power management” refers to an intelligent way of proactively managing the energy within the building.

The Soleco optimizer uses the weather forecast, it protects the environment as well as your wallet.

Complex algorithms presented in a comprehensible way

The combination of highly complex technology that does everything for you in the background under the hood is compelling. Operation is minimal and simple, via mobile, tablet or PC.

Besides setting the default values for the room temperature, only planned trips with the electric vehicle are entered (time, distance) or the completion of a wash cycle or rinse cycle of their household appliances.

OPen for innovation!

Open and standard interfaces make it very easy to connect new or additional components.

Reference objects

a Nibe NP AW 20-16 heat pump, a BYD 14 kWh battery and two electric vehicles (Tesla and Mercedes Benz).

a SWK 92K3 Heat pump from AIT and a 15 kWh battery from Huawei.

a SWCV 122 K3 BYD Heat pump from AIT , a 22 kWh battery and a Volkswagen ID4.

What do our customers say?

Long story short, let’s let our customers speak:

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The Soleco Optimizer takes into account the weather forecast as well as different tariffs and optimizes the interaction between solar power, grid power and consumers.

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